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8 Stewart Place Multifamily

What is the most reliable way to build personal wealth? Real Estate. Who is an expert on real estate? Frank Morris.
In addition to helping our clients find the co-op, condo, or single family home of their dreams across Westchester, we also specialize in helping investors acquire their next cash cow. Over years of experience, FJM Real Estate has worked hand and hand with investors to help them find multi-family’s that pay out rent into your pocket month after month after month.
In addition to monthly income from rent, real estate appreciates on its own value every year, often in a much faster and less risky way than the stock market! As prices become more expensive in Manhattan and Brooklyn, many young professionals are flocking to Yonkers which is seeing unprecedented revitalization and growth. This means more residents needing a place to live, which is means higher demand for housing which that results in higher prices. That’s why this opportunity will not remain long at this attractive price.
8 Stewart Place features 2, 3 bedroom units and a finished walk out basement. Luckily, it is all finished, renovated and updated so you don’t have to do any work, you can just purchase and sit back and collect rent. It also means that maintenance costs are kept low. This multifamily has a gross income of $60,000/year and NET’s $45,000 per year, so you could receive a full salary of passive income! Each unit of this property features an updated kitchen AND 3 full bedrooms, in addition to the finished walk out basement.
Wealthy people do not work for their money, they make their money work for them in the form of investments like this that appreciate in value AND pay monthly income. Please contact me to see this new and exciting opportunity to expand or start your real estate portfolio.

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