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How To Stage Your Home

Staging and Prepping Your Home For Sale


According to the National Association of Realtors 50% of buyers are influenced in their decision based upon how well the home is prepped for sale. That’s staggering, meaning that half the buyers that look at your home are going to be influenced in how well you have prepared the home to be set up for sale. Traditionally, when people think of staging they assume we are talking about bringing in furniture and setting their home up to look like a pottery barn monthly edition cover, although that’s not the case. Prepping the home can be as simple as de-cluttering the apartment or home, painting, patching, and changing a few light fixtures. If this can potentially get your home sold for more money and faster, isn’t it a no brainer?



The Basics

Cost effective tips for getting the home prepped are as follows:

Paint- Neutral colors, blank canvas, this allows buyers to envision their own personal styles for the home.

De-clutter- Box and store all personal belongings i.e. family photos, trophy’s, and personal items. This will again allow the buyer to envision themselves living in the home.

Clean- Clean Clean Clean! Windows are especially important because the sun is your friend when selling a home, and you want natural light to flow in so the buyer can capture the beauty of the home.

Light Fixtures- Changing the old bulbs to LED’s can go a long way when lighting dim spaces. Along with changing out any outdated fixtures or dirty switch plates throughout the home, these small cost effective modifications can go a long way when showing a home.


This will earn you a faster sale and more money, so don’t take these tips lightly! Many homeowners are seeing that the homes that are staged well are always earning top dollar in a short period, our thoughts are that it must be a requirement for sellers!

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