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Flip it or Flop it? Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investments


Flip it or Flop it? Looking to make a Real Estate Investment? Working with Real Estate investors is an exciting prospect! Between the hunt for properties, negotiating the purchase, the renovation , and the sale, it is truly a win-win for our investors. In the highly competitive and strong market conditions we are in it can be hard to find a property in which the margins are good enough to turn a good profit. Generally speaking our clients will want a 30% return or more, although some investors are perfectly fine with a 20% return. When you look at that ROI in a 6-9 month time frame, its generally a better investment than many brokerage accounts. Nonetheless, our clients shoot for a 30% return in a 6-9 month time frame. Therefore, if there is 300,000 out of pocket investment, our investors will aim to make about 100,000 dollars on average. In Westchester County the high cost of living makes the risk certainly greater as investors will have to come out of pocket with a lot more cash or take out substantial loans to Renovate properties.


Why Off Market Properties?

Off market properties provide an opportunity for the investor to be the single bidder on the property, therefore eliminating competition and preserving the margins. We have been involved in the rehab process for several of our clients and it is awesome to give our tips on todays trends and help them maximize the value of the property before it goes to market. This is a great venture for us to be involved in because we have the added benefit of developing relationships with investors along with getting home sold for top dollar when it is ready for market and displaying gorgeous newly renovated homes!


Are you considering making an Real Estate investment in Westchester County? give us a call today for a consultation on how to begin the process and find a property that’s going to turn a profit!

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