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The Best Real Estate Agent

Who Is The Best Real Estate Agent?

While the requirements for obtaining a Real Estate License are not steep, and there are many people who hold their license in your area, there are really only a few that qualify to handle what for most are some of the biggest transactions they will face in their lifetime.

So, who do I pick?

The average Real Estate Agent is going to sell approximately 4 homes per year. Therefore, the average Real Estate Agent is not active in the market and we can also assume that since they are not actively listing, selling, and browsing new properties with buyers that they are not in tune with market conditions.

What Qualifies a good agent?

First and foremost, you need someone that you can trust. Someone whom you are confident that will give you the facts regardless of how it might influence your decision to buy and sell.

Again, your best agent needs to be active in the market buying and selling Real Estate on  regular basis.

Beyond that, your agent must be knowledgeable of the market that you are buying or selling in because it could mean the proper sale or purchase of your next home and potentially save you or make you tens of thousands of dollars with the right pricing arrangement and marketing of your home.

Furthermore, just like anything else, the more a skill is practiced, the better one becomes at it. There are plenty of agents whom may tell you they have been in the business for 20 years, although a better question is how many homes have they sold within the last year, because if they have not been active in the current real estate market, it would not make difference whether they have had their license for 50 years.

So be sure to choose the best agent for the job, if you were in court, you would want the best attorney handling your case, wouldn’t you? The same goes for Real Estate professionals.

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