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Listing Your Home During The Holidays?

Why you should re-consider listing during the holidays

Real Estate Myth: I should not list my home during the holidays, the market is dead during the holidays!

Here’s the thing, most people are going to advise you that the market is tough during the holidays, and that selling a home during this time of year is a difficult thing to do.  I would like to take the opportunity to dispel that myth, and here are the reasons why.



The Inventory Problem

Most people will heed to this advice and wait it out until spring either because they believe the market to be tough during the holiday seasons or because they simply just don’t feel comfortable making a move during the winter months. Therefore, we do see a great drop in the amount of homes that come to market or stay on market this time of year. What type of affect does this have on the market itself? Well, the buyers that absolutely have to buy are in a predicament, because they need to make a move for tax purposes or a job transfer, but there are little homes to choose from. What does this mean for our sellers? This means that sellers have less competition for these buyers to choose from, which means if they set themselves up for sale by prepping the home properly along with good pricing, a sale is a sure thing!


Serous Inquiries Only on Your Listing

The buyer that are shopping during this time period are serious! You are not going to have buyers that are conducting walkthroughs during the holidays because they are interested in getting inspirational decorating ideas, showings during this time period will be serious buyers, as buyers don’t come out in the snow and during the holidays just to take a look!

We believe that the market will balance itself out this time of year as homes get pulled off the market and buyer traffic begins to slow down, although we wholeheartedly disagree that you cannot sell a property this time of year or that it is not an opportune time of year to sell!

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