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Best Time of Year to List Your Home For Sale

What time of year should I list my home?

Most people will tell you that the best time of year to list your home is during the spring market. This seems like the obvious answer for many reasons. Firstly, the sun has come out, and no one really wants to move over the winter or holidays, right? Secondly, parents are getting ready to transition their children into new school districts, so its much easier to make the move over the summer time. There is certainly validity to these statements, although our professional experience tells us that if homeowners really want a quick sale while getting the most amount of money out of their property, the spring time is actually not the best time to list.

Here’s our counterargument, most homeowners are going to list in the spring, this means more competition on the market for you! More competition on the market means more options for buyers who are looking for homes like yours. More options means less buyers interested in your home, which can overall affect the value that you can get out of your asset.



So when is the best time to list?


According to research conducted by the Zillow group, homes listed pre-spring between mid March and Mid April sell 15% faster and for 2% more on average. This makes sense to us, as the buyers have been ready since January 2nd when the “holidays” ended, and if they purchase in March or April they can make that smooth transition into the School Districts over the summer time. So, contrary to popular belief, we believe that the best time of year to list the home is actually within the first quarter, or towards the end of the winter months. This way you are beating most of the other homeowners to the punch, will have less competition on the market, and for that reason can actually extract more value out of the home in a quicker period of time!


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